When to Start Planning for Your New Year’s Kitchen Remodel

Are you planning to ring in the new year by transforming your kitchen? If so, then you might need to start planning earlier than you think.


We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to ensure that your remodel is ready for the beginning of 2019.


How Long Does it Take to Get to the Installation Stage?

Remodeling a kitchen is a long process. Once you’ve signed a contract with your chosen renovation team, you can expect several weeks to pass before the installation stage begins. Our team averages 8-10 weeks, but many contractors need more time before they’re ready to start the installation.


This much time is needed because there is much that will need to be planned. Design elements need to be decided on, and materials need to be ordered. Making orders at the right time is particularly important since it can take weeks for manufacturers to send certain items that are necessary for your installation to progress.

Finding a Contractor

There’s also the matter of finding a contractor in the first place. You’ll need to find the best local contractors and meet with them for consultations. Then they will need time to draw up price quotes for your project, and you’ll need to assess which contractor offers the best value.


Because of this, the whole process of selecting a contractor can take weeks in itself, especially if you need to find several different subcontractors to work on separate parts of your project (cabinets, plumbing, etc.).


You can shorten this process by looking for a general contractor that handles the entire remodel. For example, here at Laslo Kitchens, we handle the whole remodeling project, from demolition to finish. By managing all aspects of your kitchen’s renovation, we’re able to keep things moving at a steady pace. From the start of demolition to completion, our kitchen projects take 5-7 weeks on average.


What Preparations Need to be Made?

Many of your remodeling decisions can be made in the 8-10 week planning period, but some will need to be made immediately to ensure no delays.


These include choosing your kitchen’s new layout, as well as selecting and ordering appliances, all of which must be done before cabinet orders are placed at the start of the 8-10 weeks. This is because your cabinetry will need to be sized and designed to accommodate your chosen appliances and desired kitchen layout.


When it comes to cabinet paint color, you have a while to decide. Painting happens late in the process, just before the cabinets are installed. You’ll typically have 4-6 weeks before you need to make a final decision. This gives you the time to find the perfect shade, one that coordinates with your countertops, walls, and other design elements.

Practical Preparations

To guarantee your remodel goes smoothly, you’ll need to take care of some other prep work too. This includes packing up your kitchen items and selecting a few pieces to set aside for use during the remodel. Get this done before the installation needs to begin, that way our crew isn’t trying to work around you while you finish taking things out.


When choosing items to set aside, pick the essentials you’ll need to prepare small meals while your kitchen is out of order. You can set up a temporary kitchen station away from the construction zone.


An ideal station would include the following: a microwave, a hot plate, one pot and one pan, basic cooking utensils, a few sets of silverware, and basic dishes and cups. Due to its bulkiness, we recommend placing the refrigerator in another room, or even your garage along with a shelving unit that you can use to store your food and kitchenware.


Get a Head Start on Your Kitchen Remodel

Don’t wait to begin laying the groundwork for your kitchen renovation project. By starting the process now, you’ll ensure that everything can be scheduled in a timely manner.


If you’d like help from an expert contracting team to make your remodel a reality, we here at Laslo Kitchens are happy to lend a hand. We’ll work with you to have your new kitchen ready by January 2019.


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