What Makes this Modern Kitchen in Allentown so Modern

Ever wonder what makes a modern kitchen, well, modern? (Hint: it’s not just a recent remodel.) Luckily, one of our recent custom kitchen projects holds all of the answers! Let’s take a quick look at what makes this modern kitchen in Allentown, PA so modern.

Frameless Cabinetry with Slab Style Doors
Modern kitchens often embrace minimalist design, a style that celebrates clean lines and simple forms. That’s why so many contemporary kitchens feature frameless cabinetry with slab doors. Exceedingly simple, slab doors are flat with no decorative elements beyond the material itself.

This modern kitchen in Allentown, PA showcases a stunning wall of frameless cabinetry with wood-look slab-style doors. The same style is mirrored on the base of the perimeter island to subtly define the space without interfering with the open concept layout. The interior island features high-gloss white slab-style cabinets that offer a beautiful contrast to the darker cabinetry.

Modern Stainless Steel Appliances

Ultra-Modern Stainless Steel Appliances
When choosing appliances for modern kitchens, the term ‘modern’ does not mean ‘new.’ Of course, upgrading old appliances to newer models is a plus in any kitchen. But for a kitchen with a modern design, you want to select appliances whose look is also modern.

Take this modern kitchen in Allentown, PA for example. Instead of a bulky range, the homeowners selected a sleek, smooth surface electric cooktop and a double wall oven. Both of these appliances allow the long, clean design lines that were so carefully crafted to remain unbroken. The linear range hood serves a similar purpose, mimicking the parallel lines of the island and cabinetry. And finally, the stainless steel finish perfectly complements the contemporary chrome fixtures that complete this modern kitchen.

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Your Modern Kitchen in Allentown, PA
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