A Fresh Start: Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas for the New Year

Is organizing the kitchen on your New Year’s Resolution List? Laslo Custom Kitchens is here to help! We’ve compiled our top kitchen cabinet organization ideas to help you transform your kitchen into a culinary haven to enjoy with family and friends. Here are our best kitchen cabinet organization tips:

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

Drawer Inserts for Small Items
By far, the best kitchen cabinet organization hack is the use of drawer inserts. We’re all familiar with cutlery dividers, but why stop there? Utensils are not the only small kitchen items that should have their own little space. For example, are you a coffee or tea drinker? Use inserts to create an organized beverage drawer with its own sections for K-Cups, coffee grounds, espresso sets, and tea packets. And what about food storage? Never question whether there’s green beans lost in a mess of canned goods again. Inserts will allow you to create a space for each food item so you’ll be able to find it or know to pick it up from the grocery store with ease.

Dish Storage and Plate Racks

Dish Storage & Plate Racks
Customize your dinnerware storage with peg inserts and plate racks. Adjustable peg inserts allow you to create a layout that perfectly fits your dishes, making it easy to grab what you need without fear of the stack toppling over. Plate racks offer the same benefits with the added bonus of nicely spacing out your dinnerware, minimizing the risk of chips or damage. And let’s not ignore the visual impact—the display looks stunning too!

Pull Out Shelves for Kitchen Cabinets

Pull Out Shelves for Kitchen Cabinets
One of the main reasons messes happen is because we simply can’t see all the way in the back of traditional shelves. The solution? Declutter kitchen cabinets with pull out shelves that allow you to see and make use of the entire space. There are a lot of different ways that pull out shelves can be utilized, but one of my personal favorites is a spice rack organizer for kitchen cabinets. Simply pull out the shelf to instantly see every label!

BaseMixer Lift-up Appliance Cabinet

Pro tip: use this kitchen storage solution for heavy appliances like a stand mixer to avoid the struggle of lifting it to the counter and putting it away. 

More Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas
For more kitchen cabinet organization ideas, browse the Laslo Custom Kitchens Organization Look Book.

You don’t have to tackle this New Year’s resolution alone! Laslo Custom Kitchens vows to be there for you every step of the way. Contact us today to start planning your dream kitchen!