A Soft Industrial Kitchen Design Fit for a Chef

Soft Industrial Kitchen

This “soft” industrial kitchen design beautifully blends the functionality of a restaurant kitchen with the warmth of a family home.

The main industrial detail is the use of pipes to support the hanging shelves and form the island seating. Incorporating exposed pipes in the design adds a raw, urban charm reminiscent of industrial warehouses and factories.

The secondary industrial element is the distressed-style cabinet finish applied to the island. The cabinets are DuraSupreme’s Marley Inset door style in a Heritage Paint “K” finish on Knotty Alder. The distressed style adds depth and character to the design, echoing the weathered textures of urban spaces. Their worn appearance perfectly contrasts the flawless perimeter cabinets, which are DuraSupreme’s Craftsman Panel door style in the “Poppy Seed” stain on Cherry. The two styles create a stunning juxtaposition of old and new, effortlessly fusing history with modernity.

Aesthetically, this is where the industrial side of the design ends. These two industrial touches add just the right amount of edge when combined with the more traditional cabinets, backsplash, and countertops. The overall result is a soft industrial kitchen design that packs a ton of personality while still retaining the warm and inviting atmosphere of a family kitchen.

Functionally, on the other hand, this design is taken straight from an industrial style restaurant. Note the ample counter space divided into distinct areas for food prep, cooking, and cleaning. This setup offers plenty of room for culinary creativity to flourish while optimizing efficient workflow in the kitchen.

The kitchen is also stocked with what can only be described as a chef’s dream assortment of appliances and cookware. For example, the sleek Wolf induction cooktop provides superior temperature control, reducing the risk of over or under cooking and delivering consistent results every time. In addition, All-Clad is the holy grail of stainless steel cookware that is built to last. Even heat distribution, no-drip rims, and broiler safe up to 600℉ are just a few of the features that will transform the way you view cooking.     

In conclusion, this soft industrial kitchen seamlessly integrates urban charm with the comfort of a familial home. The carefully selected industrial details offer just the right touch without overpowering the design, while the restaurant-inspired functionality makes it truly a chef’s dream kitchen.