A Modern English Country Kitchen with Two-Toned Cabinetry

English Modern Kitchen

Few kitchen design styles rival the cozy and timeless appeal of an English country kitchen.

Grounded in tradition and marked by its enduring charm, this aesthetic embodies the serene beauty of rural landscapes and quaint villages. This particular English country kitchen embraces these characteristics while adding some modern twists, making the space feel fresh while still preserving its classic charm.

Traditional Chroma Inset cabinets in “Evergreen Fog” paint from DuraSupreme’s Curated Color Collection (by Sherwin-Williams SW 9130) were chosen for the kitchen island. A style used widely throughout the 1800s before the advent of mass production, inset cabinetry is exactly what you’d expect to find in a true English country kitchen—along with their soft color palette. In contrast, more modern full-overlay cabinets in the Covington door style in “Mushroom” paint were chosen for the perimeter. The juxtaposition creates a dynamic visual contrast that celebrates both the timeless elegance of fine craftsmanship and the sleek sophistication of contemporary design.

The rest of the kitchen highlights a number of natural materials, another hallmark of Cotswolds-inspired designs. White stone with beautiful gray veining was chosen for the countertops and then extended up the wall to create a dramatic solid slab backsplash. The warm, natural wood planks selected for the flooring were also further showcased on the ceiling. The thoughtful and deliberate way these materials were incorporated into the design allows their natural beauty to take center stage, infusing the space with a touch of the English countryside. As a final nod to nature, Dazuma Magpie sconce lights flank each side of the expansive window.

While most of this design is a play between traditional and modern, there is absolutely nothing historic about the top-of-the-line appliances selected for this English country kitchen. For example, the Bertazzoni gas range is a stunning display of Italian design, engineering, and craftsmanship. Offering easy and precise temperature control, this range is as dreamy to cook on as it is to look at.

Overall, this modern English country kitchen is a masterful blend of old and new, traditional and contemporary. It infuses the classic charm of the English countryside with a breath of fresh air that transports it into the 21st century.