Ron H.

I just wanted say thanks for the awesome job you guys did with the office cabinets & shelving.  It looks better than I imagined and it was a pleasure working with you, first class all the way!

Mike and Cindy Fragassi

Our experience with Laslo Custom Kitchens was wonderful.  After deciding to replace our kitchen, we contacted a few cabinetmakers to get their ideas on a layout design and to look at the quality of their cabinets. Dave, from Laslo Custom Kitchens, had the best design for our kitchen by far. Dave took his time and drew the perfect layout for our kitchen. The quality of their cabinets and drawers was by far the best we have looked at. Dave and his staff took a lot of time with us to make sure we were fully satisfied with our selection of the type of cabinets we chose, the color of the stain, the hardware, and the quartz countertop. We were treated like we had a million dollar home!

Bonnie from Garden State Tile (who Laslo’s work with) helped us out tremendously with the selection of our tile floor and our backsplash tiles. We absolutely love our floor and backsplash tile!

Now it was time to put it all together. The contractor who does work for Laslo, Ed Lear and his crew, did a phenomenal job installing the tile floor, backsplash tile, plumbing, and electrical.  We are so happy we decided to have a new kitchen installed!  Dave’s new layout has now made our kitchen more efficient and a more pleasant place to be.

We highly recommend Laslo Custom Kitchens to anyone who is thinking about remodeling their kitchen. Their staff and the people they work with do outstanding work!

Sergei & Svetlana

It’s been more than half a year since we completely remodeled our kitchen with the Laslo Custom Kitchens. And every day since then we keep admiring our new kitchen look and improved functionality.  We wanted to say thank you to Neil and his team for the great work they had done during the planning period and construction.  The kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous!

Just like some other families I noticed Laslo’s ad in the local magazine and called them to give us an estimate.  When Neil came to see our kitchen, we immediately liked a very professional approach to discussing with us our wish list and giving his practical recommendations without any pushing on using his company.  After comparing several estimates we were convinced that not only the quality of the Laslo Kitchens’ cabinets was much better than other companies but pricing was very comparable, not to say better as well.  And we never regretted our choice – as we were going through the remodeling process the Laslo’s team went all the way to make sure that all of our requirements and visions became true.  We would highly recommend Laslo Kitchens to anyone who is looking for the highest quality job combined with a great customer service experience.

Cindy & Chuck Y

We want to let you know how thrilled we are with our new kitchen. From the beginning you have listened to our ideas and needs. You were able to see our vision and put it into reality. Your group researched and work the specific designs to make all components (cabinets, drawers, countertop, appliances, sink) match our specs. Neil, you were great with the design, and Peg you made it all work.

Your installers, Brooke and Tom were efficient and very concerned about the quality of the installation. They were enjoyable to have around and kept the area clean & organized. They explained how all the components worked. And gave instructions when necessary.

We also need to put a shout out to Dave, Tom, and Matt for their excellent job in the construction/finishing. They were professional and orderly. They were able to explain when something wouldn’t work logistically and we were able to figure an alternate design. They were prompt and dedicated. Each evening, the area was vacuumed, wiped down, and equipment put out of the way. So we could still use the kitchen area.

Again, thank you for building our perfect kitchen.

Cindy and John

My husband and I have waited a number of years to give our kitchen a face lift. Since we were on a tight budget we consulted the larger home
improvement stores for quotes of new quartz countertops and tile backsplash.
We always left feeling like just another number to them and decided to put the project on hold again.

One day I came across the advertisement for Laslo’s Custom Kitchens in the local magazine. I thought the kitchen photographed was beautiful and decided to give them a call. I hesitated at first, being our project was “small” and would not be of interest.

I spoke with Neil that very day, asked him if they would be interested in our project. He said absolutely. He came within a short time to see our kitchen and discussed our options. He took his time, was respectful of our budget while giving us ideas to make our kitchen feel like new.

He was very thorough with details and ideas. Very patient and accommodating with our questions and concerns.

His staff courteous, and his contractors were neat, professional and reliable!
We love our kitchen! We highly recommend Laslo’s Custom Kitchens to anyone who desires quality work with professional and personal attention to detail and customer satisfaction! Neil told us he likes his customers to be satisfied with their work, and he kept his word! This is something you will NOT find in larger home improvement stores!

Patrick C

My wife and I hired Laslo Custom Kitchens to remodel and we could not be more thrilled! We had many unique and unorthodox modifications where Neil and team gave their professional opinion based on years of experience and skill. We would have never thought of the new layout without their expertise and the quality of their product, installation and skill are unmatched. We have received an overwhelming response of how beautiful our kitchen has become and would recommend Laslo Custom Kitchens to all!

Rachel M

We hired Neil and the team at Laslo’s to design and install our new custom kitchen. Since we were not sure exactly what we wanted, Neil walked us through the process each and every step of the way. From a number of creative design ideas to a beautiful finished product, we could not be happier! I would absolutely recommend Neil and the team at Laslo’s for your new kitchen.

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About Laslo Kitchens

We deliver to you…

  • Custom kitchens designed especially for you
  • Styles reflecting your tastes, your lifestyle
  • Renovations that are beautiful and functional
  • Hand crafted…high quality materials
  • Designs adding grace, style and beauty for years to come

At Laslo Custom Kitchens, if you can imagine it, we can build it.

We have been servicing the Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and Bucks County for over 40 years, providing beautiful kitchens, bathrooms flooring and cabinets.

Our Materials are of the Finest Quality | No pressed wood or inferior raw materials in our custom kitchens. We use kiln-dried, quality lumber not imports which can contain moisture. Why is this important? Because it ensures that your custom designs will last a lifetime and not just a few years

We Combine Artists and Craftspeople | We employ highly skilled and experienced designers and craftspeople with age-old woodworking skills who treat their designs as a work of art

State of the Art | We combine the old and the new for the best of both worlds. We use modern technology for computer aided design for our craftspeople to work from.

Recognized for Excellence | We have become known for the finest quality materials, wide range of styles, colors, woods, laminates, molding, hardware and marble.

Unlimited Choices for You | Because we custom design, you’re choices are limitless. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

3rd Generation | We aren’t a new company. We began in 1973 by my grandfather. And because family is so important to us, our family values are combined with our work environment making our showroom a warm place to visit. We sit with our customers and invite them to let their imagination flow while we help you create the plans for your new room… whatever it may be.

We love picky customers | Why? Because we have the ability and knowledge to work with our most fastidious clients to create an end result that will be a warm, welcoming attribute of your home, no matter what your budget.

Why should you choose Laslo Kichens?

Our professional team of installers works with you to make installation and clean-up trouble-free.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, Laslo’s is committed to you and your design.

Laslo’s has served many members of our local community, as well as customers from as far as New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.


Which is Better? Open Shelving or Cabinets?

When John and Sherry Petersik, the dynamic DIY duo behind YoungHouseLove.com, sat down to plan their kitchen renovation (pictured here), they knew that opening things up was at the top of their priority list. “Our kitchen has almost no natural light, so anything we could do to make things lighter and brighter was a go,” Sherry Petersik explains. “We’re no strangers to taking doors off closets or opening up a floorplan, so open shelving was an obvious choice.” But while sleek open shelves stocked with perfectly styled cake stands and fruit bowls look gorgeous when you’re adding them to your Pinterest boards, how practical will they be in your real-life kitchen, when your real-life (read: messy!) family is looking for a place to stash that half-empty box of Lucky Charms? Learn here the pros and cons for open shelving and cabinetry—and then choose the best configuration for your kitchen.

Pros: Open Shelving

A light, airy and modern look. Try floating shelves over an exposed brick wall for an industrial chic aesthetic; shelves with decorative brackets over subway tile have more of a vintage, farmhouse vibe.

Easy access. No digging through messy cabinets so items are easy to spot. (Say goodbye to husband kitchen blindness!) “Open shelves force you to stay organized—this is a good thing!” notes Petersik. “They also enable you to unload the dishwasher way faster, which was a big selling point.”

More affordable. There’s no two ways about it: Shelves are simpler to build and thus a fraction of the cost of cabinets, whether you buy them ready-made or go the custom DIY route. The Petersiks spent $141 on materials to build their shelves themselves, and estimate they would have spent upwards of $300 to get enough cabinets to fill the same space.

Cons: Open Shelving

What you see is what you get. If you’re constantly fighting clutter pile-up on the various surfaces of your home, adding more surfaces in the form of open shelves may be inviting disaster.

Dust. If you use open shelves to store the fine china set that only gets used at Christmas, do expect to have to rinse off a layer of fuzz before use, or plan to stay on top of regularly dusting these spaces. A better fix is to keep open shelves reserved for your everyday plates and other items in constant rotation—they won’t have time to sit around and grow sweaters in between uses.

Spillage. If you live in earthquake zone, forget it!

Pros: Cabinets

Out of sight, out of mind. Cabinets offer instant clean up because order can be restored just by closing the doors.

Variety. Shaker, beaded, arched, beveled, traditional, modern, stained, painted, lacquered… you name it— there’s a cabinet style to match it. And forget cookie-cutter. Most cabinet makers will even let you mix and match cabinet styles and finishes for a completely custom look.

Cons: Cabinets

Can make a room look top-heavy. If your kitchen is dark, narrow or has low ceilings, lots of overhead cabinets can add to the claustrophobic feel. A shiny finish and hardware will help reflect light; choosing some glass doors will also open things up (and let you display some of your nicer serving pieces).

Cost. There are no two ways about it: Cabinetry costs more than—often double—open shelving, because of the materials involved and labor required for installation. But you can save money by choosing affordable builder-grade cabinets and then dressing them up by swapping out the hardware or adding decorative trim. Or consider painting your current cabinets; the Petersiks gave the rest of their kitchen a facelift to match their wall of shelves by going this budget-friendly route. It cost just $249 versus tens of thousands for new cabinets, but do be prepared to invest many hours of sweat equity.

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