Sergei & Svetlana

It’s been more than half a year since we completely remodeled our kitchen with the Laslo Custom Kitchens. And every day since then we keep admiring our new kitchen look and improved functionality. We wanted to say thank you to Neil and his team for the great work they had done during the planning period and construction. The kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous!

Just like some other families I noticed Laslo’s ad in the local magazine and called them to give us an estimate. When Neil came to see our kitchen, we immediately liked a very professional approach to discussing with us our wish list and giving his practical recommendations without any pushing on using his company. After comparing several estimates we were convinced that not only the quality of the Laslo Kitchens’ cabinets was much better than other companies but pricing was very comparable, not to say better as well. And we never regretted our choice – as we were going through the remodeling process the Laslo’s team went all the way to make sure that all of our requirements and visions became true. We would highly recommend Laslo Kitchens to anyone who is looking for the highest quality job combined with a great customer service experience.

Rich & Pam S

Our kitchen is complete and we could not be happier. Thank you for a wonderful job. When we started the process we mentally prepared for the worst. Whether it was getting through the myriad of decisions, staying on budget, or getting quality work done on time, we were prepared for things to go awry. With the job complete, we can now look back and say it was actually easy. The kitchen looks wonderful and was done on time.

You deserve a lion’s share of the credit for making it so easy. You clearly heard our needs, gave us plenty of options, guided us in the right directions, and put together a great design. We never felt like we were being upsold or that our decisions were being second guessed. We can’t say that about some of the other designers we met. In the very few, small instances when things didn’t go exactly right, they were quickly addressed without issue.

Great companies surround themselves with great people and that is certainly the case with Laslo Custom Kitchens. You and your staff are top notch, and you associate yourselves with great companies. I can’t say enough good things about Ed and everyone at Ed’s Remodeling, as well as Dawn at Garden State Tile. Like you, they were easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and delivered quality work.
Needless to say we are big fans of you and your company. If potential customers ever want to talk to a former customer or see your completed work, please don’t hesitate to have them contact us.

Rachel M

We hired Neil and the team at Laslo’s to design and install our new custom kitchen. Since we were not sure exactly what we wanted, Neil walked us through the process each and every step of the way. From a number of creative design ideas to a beautiful finished product, we could not be happier! I would absolutely recommend Neil and the team at Laslo’s for your new kitchen.

Patrick C

My wife and I hired Laslo Custom Kitchens to remodel and we could not be more thrilled! We had many unique and unorthodox modifications where Neil and team gave their professional opinion based on years of experience and skill. We would have never thought of the new layout without their expertise and the quality of their product, installation and skill are unmatched. We have received an overwhelming response of how beautiful our kitchen has become and would recommend Laslo Custom Kitchens to all!

Nathan M. Linowitz, CPA

I believe that in the present times that we live in, all too often one takes for granted a superior experience, yet doesn’t hesitate to criticize at the slightest mistake. I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all at Laslo Custom Kitchens for such a fantastic job you did on Leah and my kitchen.

The entire kitchen came out perfect! I always had a feeling that “Team Laslo” had the ability to produce custom made cabinets equal or superior to old world craftsmen; I wasn’t disappointed. Other cabinet makers’ products simply don’t show the perfectionism that your craftsman produce. All should be congratulated!

I would like to also thank your installers for doing a great job. They were professional, pleasant, neat (don’t take that for granted – I have many other workers in the house doing other things) and everything I could have expected and hoped for.

Perhaps my most important observation, however, is in regards to your kitchen design. Please advise any potential customers that they should not take for granted that one designer will produce a product equal to another; this is simply not true. I was standing in the kitchen after your installers’ first day, looking around, when I realized just how brilliant the kitchen design was; you improved the “people flow” in the kitchen beyond measure! Most would have simply replicated the existing design with new cabinets and appliances. Having 2 or more people in the kitchen, cooking, etc. used to be a nightmare – now it will be a pleasure, with a ton more room – all in the same square footage!

Please advise any potential customers, and you may feel free to use me as a reference, that if, for most what will be a significant expenditure, they want “old world craftsmanship”, a superior installation experience, and a brilliant design comparable to none, they shouldn’t consider anyone other than Laslo Custom Kitchens!

Matt S

Our kitchen was in desperate need of renovation when we bought our first home. A sink and two cabinets was not much of a kitchen. Since our budget was small we assumed box store cabinets would be the way to go, but after meeting with Neil we realized that what Laslo Custom Kitchens could provide us was superior and within budget. Neil and his team provided great ideas to optimize our layout, which quickly transformed the kitchen into our favorite room in the house. The kitchen was also our best selling feature when we placed our home on the market. We highly recommend Laslo Custom Kitchens to anyone looking for a new kitchen and can’t wait to use them again in our new house.

Mark C

Neil brought a great sense of knowledge and professionalism to our project. He was more than willing to make changes when we asked him to and was extremely professional in all of our business dealings.

Jim Bielenberg

The folks at Laslo made our kitchen remodel a huge success. We had originally wanted to just replace some cabinets using a large chain store, but we invited Neil in to let us know what else we might do. We ended up making some major changes and everything was well worth it. Neil worked with us to make sure we made the most of all our kitchen space and he was great at handling all the rework/changes we needed in order to get everything we wanted at a price we could afford. In fact, we recently had to move for work and I wish we could have found a home in our new location that had a kitchen that was as well designed and built as our Laslo remodel. The folks at Laslo’s were also able to put us in touch with truly top notch people to handle the other contracting work we needed as part of our remodel.

If I didn’t live 2000 miles away now, I would get Neil and his team to remodel the kitchen in my new house as well.

Fayez E

We hired Neil and Laslo Custom Kitchens in 2006 to custom build all of our cabinetry. Neil and his company provided us with the best quality and service for our money. I would highly recommend Neil and his company!


Where do we begin, the kitchen is absolutely spectacular. From start to finish the process with Brooke and Laslo’s has been top notch, Brooke is a definite asset to the company. She is so attentive to details, and takes great pride in all that she does. It was a pleasure working with her from developing the design, thru fabrication and install. The install process was flawless, Tom and Brooke did an exceptional job.

My kitchen is now more functional then I ever imagined. As you age it becomes more and more difficult to bend and lift, the insert solutions are terrific. The construction is excellent, the finish is just beautiful. Congratulation on a quality product and an outstanding job! It was a pleasure doing business with Laslo’s once again.

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