The folks at Laslo made our kitchen remodel a huge success. We had originally wanted to just replace some cabinets using a large chain store, but we invited Neil in to let us know what else we might do. We ended up making some major changes and everything was well worth it. Neil worked with us to make sure we made the most of all our kitchen space and he was great at handling all the rework/changes we needed in order to get everything we wanted at a price we could afford. In fact, we recently had to move for work and I wish we could have found a home in our new location that had a kitchen that was as well designed and built as our Laslo remodel. The folks at Laslo’s were also able to put us in touch with truly top notch people to handle the other contracting work we needed as part of our remodel.

If I didn’t live 2000 miles away now, I would get Neil and his team to remodel the kitchen in my new house as well.

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