A Colonial Inspired Custom Kitchen in Coopersburg, PA

A kitchen with a large island and a stove

The custom kitchen is done in a custom color on Flush Inset cabinetry.

A kitchen with a island and chairs

A Thermador B9 Range anchors the space flanking a beautiful woodland view. Concealed drawers flank the stove for convenient storage of spices and cookie baking sheets.

A stove and oven in a kitchen

Knotty Pine hardwood floors add rustic appeal and a reflection of the nature outside.

A kitchen with white cabinets and a large island

The custom cabinet paint harkens back to the Colonial era with a modern twist. The sink selected was manufactured by Shaw, operating since 1892. The dishwasher is to the right of the sink, hidden by a custom panel to match the cabinetry. The wall cabinetry in the background matches the inset cabinetry with custom color match Hardwick Farrow and Ball Paint. The Grothouse Sapele Mahogany countertop has an Ogee edge and Durata water resistant finish.

A white counter top with a bar stools

The Caesarstone London Fog countertops are enhanced with a Roman Ogee Edge that expand over the Doric Columns.

A kitchen with a large island

“Holborn” pendant lighting by Visual Comfort  and a bridge faucet all give a modern nod to simpler times.

A kitchen with a large island and chairs

The hutch matches the inset cabinetry with custom color match Hardwick Farrow and Ball Paint.

Kitchen Design Inspired Checklist

Custom Color Flush Inset Cabinetry
Why: Provides a sleek, tailored look with historical charm. Flush inset cabinetry creates a seamless, sophisticated aesthetic.

Thermador B9 Range
Why: Offers high-performance cooking capabilities and serves as a focal point in the kitchen.

Caesarstone London Fog Countertops with Roman Ogee Edge
Why: Combines durability with elegance. The Roman Ogee edge adds a touch of sophistication and complements traditional design elements.

Doric Columns
Why: Adds architectural interest and a classical touch, enhancing the Colonial-inspired design.

Knotty Pine Hardwood Floors
Why: Provides rustic appeal and connects the indoor space with natural elements outside, adding warmth and texture.

Grothouse Sapele Mahogany Countertop with Ogee Edge and Durata Finish
Why: Features luxurious wood with a water-resistant finish, ensuring durability and elegance. The Ogee edge adds a decorative detail. Wood counters are kind to delicate China and glass.

Hardwick Farrow and Ball Paint on Hutch and Cabinetry
Why: Offers a historically accurate color palette that enhances the Colonial feel with a modern twist.

“Holborn” Pendant Lighting by Visual Comfort
Why: Blends contemporary design with traditional charm, providing both functionality and style.

Bridge Faucet
Why: Adds a vintage touch that aligns with the Colonial-inspired theme while offering modern functionality.

Woodland View Framing
Why: Integrates the kitchen space with the natural environment, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

By incorporating these elements, designers can achieve a kitchen that balances historical inspiration with modern conveniences, resulting in a timeless and functional space.

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