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How Partnering with an Expert Contractor Gets You the Best Renovation Results

Posted on: July 10th, 2019 by Anthony Ramirez

When you need renovation work done, it can be very tempting to hire a handyman or low-cost contractor to do the job. After all, these expenses can rack up, and many homeowners see labor as a great area to save money in. 


The problem is this: when homeowners hire unprofessional, unskilled workers, they often get low-quality results. These can come in the form of big mistakes, such as poorly done installations that need complete replacement. Or, they can manifest in the smallest details, like untidy finishes or slightly lopsided fixtures. 


Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most common gaffes we’ve seen unprofessional contractors make. 


Lighting Placement

This is an area where low-tier work can really throw off what would otherwise be an attractive renovation. When the placement of light fixtures isn’t planned out properly, you can end up with lights that squeeze up against walls and cabinets. Sometimes, the light’s trim rings can even hit the crown molding. 


Conversely, you could be left with lights placed too far from crucial activity points. In kitchens, for example, this can result in your body casting a shadow over the countertop whenever you try to prepare food. 


Outlet & Electrical Placement

The placement of electrical outlets and wiring is also often treated as an afterthought by unprofessional renovators. Placing outlets too high or low makes the final product look “not quite right”. And it’s unfortunately not uncommon to see outlets placed in inconvenient locations, or for a room to simply be lacking enough outlets in the first place. 


Another fault we frequently run into is the hiding of electrical wires within cabinetry. This may be a quick fix, but the look of it is sloppy and lazy. It’s far better to simply re-run the wires and deliver a sleek final product. 


Reusing Existing Plumbing

While it may save a few dollars to keep it as it was, piggybacking off of old plumbing makes the final product look worse than it should. It’s also setting you up for plumbing issues down the road: the old piping may be running at the end of its lifespan. It may be just a year or two before it spouts a leak or starts rusting inside.


If you get a new installation, you not only have something that looks nicer, you also have peace of mind knowing that you can rely on fully updated plumbing. 


Get Beautiful Results, Guaranteed

We often see these blunders when we’re asked to fix work that was done by unofficial or low-skilled contractors. In these cases, homeowners usually wish that they had just gone with qualified professionals in the first place. It would have saved them more time and money in the long run. 


This is why we urge homeowners to always seek the help of contractors that have a reputation for masterful work. The differences can be subtle at times, but the final product they deliver looks polished, well-planned, and professional. 


If you’d like to talk to expert contractors about your renovation plans, get in touch with our team today. 

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