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About Laslo Kitchens

Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by Anthony Ramirez

We deliver to you…

At Laslo Custom Kitchens, if you can imagine it, we can build it.

We have been servicing the Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and Bucks County for over 40 years, providing beautiful kitchens, bathrooms flooring and cabinets.

Our Materials are of the Finest Quality | No pressed wood or inferior raw materials in our custom kitchens. We use kiln-dried, quality lumber not imports which can contain moisture. Why is this important? Because it ensures that your custom designs will last a lifetime and not just a few years

We Combine Artists and Craftspeople | We employ highly skilled and experienced designers and craftspeople with age-old woodworking skills who treat their designs as a work of art

State of the Art | We combine the old and the new for the best of both worlds. We use modern technology for computer aided design for our craftspeople to work from.

Recognized for Excellence | We have become known for the finest quality materials, wide range of styles, colors, woods, laminates, molding, hardware and marble.

Unlimited Choices for You | Because we custom design, you’re choices are limitless. If you can imagine it, we can build it.

3rd Generation | We aren’t a new company. We began in 1973 by my grandfather. And because family is so important to us, our family values are combined with our work environment making our showroom a warm place to visit. We sit with our customers and invite them to let their imagination flow while we help you create the plans for your new room… whatever it may be.

We love picky customers | Why? Because we have the ability and knowledge to work with our most fastidious clients to create an end result that will be a warm, welcoming attribute of your home, no matter what your budget.

Why should you choose Laslo Kichens?

Our professional team of installers works with you to make installation and clean-up trouble-free.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing home, Laslo’s is committed to you and your design.

Laslo’s has served many members of our local community, as well as customers from as far as New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.


Custom Cabinets and Services

Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by Anthony Ramirez

What does your dream room look like?

Do you dream of custom organization solutions, or specialty cabinetry to fit an unusual corner in your home?  Imagine incorporating beautiful woodworking that has been created especially for you and your family into your home… custom cabinets to suit your needs, entertainment centers crafted to fit your style, closets & bookcases to help you get more organized, and a wine bar or fireplace mantel to make your home more cozy and entertaining. Let us help you create those feelings and the rooms of your dreams with custom designs. We have a wide selection of choices of styles, woods and finishes to choose from.  No matter what style  you may be seeking, or what your custom needs may be, we will have a unique option to offer you.  Take your current rooms from good to fantastic with custom cabinetry and services from Laslo Kitchens. 


If you can dream it, we can do it.  Let us make your dream room a reality with our custom cabinets and services.  We proudly service the Greater Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Easton, Bethlehem,  Bucks County and beyond.  Contact us today for a free evaluation and see how we can help to meet your custom needs.

During Your Leisure – Enjoy Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces

Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by Anthony Ramirez

Have you considered outdoor kitchens for entertaining?

Think about having your guests entertained outside with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen area, complete with counter tops and room to prep.  But don’t just stop at the kitchen, what if you could entertain your guests with a comfortable and welcoming sitting area for them to watch you create what you will be serving?  An outdoor staging area where you can showcase your cooking skills as your friends and loved ones sit and enjoy their favorite beverages with a roaring outdoor fireplace to provide the warmth and relaxation.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, and in the warmer months, you can take that feeling outside as well!


There is no end to the outdoor creations we can help you design when it comes to outdoor kitchens and fireplaces.  Custom design. Finest materials. Reliable contractors.  Call us today or visit our showroom and let’s talk about your next outdoor or indoor custom design.  We are local to the Lehigh Valley and proudly service Allentown, Easton, Bethlehem, Bucks County and beyond.  Scroll down to see all the beautiful outdoor designs that you can create with Laslo Kitchens.



For Your Business or Home Office Renovation

Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by Anthony Ramirez

Are you a business owner with a home office?

Your office is your motivational and inspirational space.  Why not create a space that will create an environment that reflects your personality, provides organizational efficiency and a place that says “success” to your clients with a home office renovation. Environment contributes to inspiration.  Inspiration contributes to success.  Would you find it easy to work in this office?


 Do you need a home office renovation?

Imagine sitting in your office trying to come up with some creative ideas for writing your next blog, developing your next strategy, or welcoming your clients to meet.  Do you draw inspiration from the mixture of aromas from your herb garden that just happens to sit adjacent to your office with an open concept plan?  Would you like to?

Or you can add french doors for a beautiful entrance to the patio where you can entertain your clients,  discuss that next big deal, strategize with your team or bounce ideas off of your business partner to inspire your next move. The environment you work in can be the difference between a functional and enjoyable day, versus a disorganized stressful one.  Laslo can help with designing a functional and beautiful office space.

For Your Home Remodel

Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by Anthony Ramirez

What room would you change in your home to reflect your personality?

Have you ever considered a home remodel to include a bathroom with his and hers vanity areas or a beautiful skylight to allow the rays of the sun to shine down on your plants?  Would you sleep more comfortably with a bedroom that has a fireplace to keep you cozy and warm on those cold winter nights? Or perhaps a bathroom with a sunken tub with pulsating Jacuzzi jets to bring comfort to your tired muscles as you relax in front of strategically placed window that allows the sun stream in while you soak away your stress in luxury?  Or how about a functional craft room with plenty of room for spreading out your scrap-booking supplies with overhead track lighting strategically placed? Or consider entering your patio with a wall full of arched doorways with glass doors?

If you think Laslo Kitchens just remodels kitchens…you are about to embark on a virtual adventure.  You will see that we can help you with your home remodel, to create any room into a room that reflects your unique personality and needs.  Look around…allow yourself to imagine your home remodel after rooms were designed to suit your personality, hobbies, family, and style.

4 Things Buyers Really Want in Kitchen Cabinetry

Posted on: July 25th, 2013 by Anthony Ramirez
A great kitchen design can dramatically increase your property value — if you want to attract prospective buyers, your kitchen is the perfect place to invest money. The trick is to get it to appeal to the majority of people by spending your money on what most of them really want.Kitchen cabinetry can do much to attract the right buyers. There are four key factors to consider: quality, symmetry, color and layout. If you can get these key elements right with your cabinetry, you’re bound to have a higher home value.
The 4 Things Most Buyers Want in a Kitchen1. QualityThe number of cabinets you have is not as important as the quality of the cabinetry. The fewer cabinets you add to your kitchen renovation, the less expensive it will be. Choose quality over quantity.Do: Choose quality hinges and runners, including soft-close drawers, and custom-made cabinetry.Don’t: Go for large fillers and ill-fitted modular cabinetry. Keep the cost down by keeping the cabinet count down. Design the kitchen layout to keep it light, bright and with an open plan, without using tons of cabinets.
Note: Excessive internal organizers aren’t essential if you are planning on reselling your home. They are wonderful in adding value to your personal use of the kitchen but are not always a wise choice if you are renovating purely to sell. Internal drawer and cabinet fit-outs are often expensive, and the extra money you spend on these accessories may not come back to you when you’re selling your property.

modern kitchen by Nadia Hursky

2. SymmetryThe eye is naturally drawn to appreciate symmetry and repetition. When you’re renovating to sell, keep your kitchen cabinetry simple and appealing. Elegance has a way of being understated, and simplicity is key when you are trying to appeal to the majority of buyers.Do: Keep the wall cabinetry sizes the same where possible. Drawers look nice when they are large and expansive — if you have multiple sets, keep them the same size, with the same proportion of drawers.Don’t: Add multiple cabinets in varying sizes. Try to keep the look and feel consistent in the whole space.
3. Light, Bright SpacesMany buyers here in Australia want an open, light and airy space. A kitchen that is white makes the space feel bigger. White is also a universally appealing color and leaves a blank slate so buyers can reenvision the space.

by Nadia Hursky

Do: Keep the space open, bright and light with white cabinetry. If you want some contrast, go for a darker bench top.Backsplashes should be kept fairly neutral too — try to introduce texture instead of color into the backsplash. The more neutral and elegant the space is, the more potential buyers you will attract.Don’t: Use darker-color cabinetry, which can make the space feel closed. While adding a strong color may suit your taste, it may not be to everybody’s liking. You want to attract as many potential buyers as possible, and while white may not be the most daring color for your cabinetry, it’s the most popular.

contemporary kitchen by Hobus Homes

4. An Open LayoutDesigning your kitchen to have a sensible and open layout is pivotal to increasing property value when you’re renovating to sell. In Australia, the trend is moving toward open-plan living and multifunctional spaces.Do: Have a large open-plan space with a kitchen island if possible. Buyers often want to multitask in the kitchen. They want to cook, have their kids do their homework and socialize in it.Don’t: Place your kitchen in a small and poky room. The kitchen is now often the hub of the house, and buyers want to see a kitchen that is interactive and sociable.
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